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Arrive early.

Your Rho trainer wants to spend 1:1 time with each athlete before his or her first booked workout. They will set you up on a rower and explain what to expect so you are free to maximize your first Rho.


You don't have to know to Rho.

Rowing is a low impact exercise and each athlete is in complete control of the challenge and load. The quest for the most efficient and powerful rowing stroke never ends so novice rowers will enjoy their first Rho just as much as the veteran completing their 1000th.


What to bring.

Everything you will need for your Rho workout is provided. No need for specialty shoes, grips, mat, or apparel.  Zero worries at Rho.


Before Rho.

Every Rho workout begins with a trainer led warm up and mobilizing cool down recovery. After you’ve had your first Rho workout and are acclimated, you’ll just need to arrive in time to check in to class, stow personal items in cubbies and claim a rower or deck station.