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Laura Kitzi, owner of Rho Engine Room , doesn't like to stay still.  Kitzi has been a group fitness trainer for 20 years and mentored over 100 group fitness professionals around the world in 2017 alone.  Come to Laura's class prepared to WORK - she won't let you fail or give up - and leave feeling full of energy and positive vibes.  

Fav playlist:  Top 40s with a dash of throwback hip hop.


Born and raised in mid-Missouri, Matt's athletic background ranges from football and basketball in his younger years, to trail running, mountain biking, kickboxing and CrossFit, now. Matt holds three different CrossFit trainer certificates and brings high intensity to the work outs he leads. But he also stays focused on the abilities and goals of our athletes. Away from the Engine Room Matt is a partner with Armstrong Teasdale LLP, a large regional law firm.

Fav playlist: Drive By Truckers + Jane’s Addiction + James McMurty + Beastie Boys + Spoon = America!


Lucky will inspire you to turn "I can't" into "I did it!".  As a scholarship basketball player at the collegiate level,  Lucky honed his competitive skills. He'll teach you to find your inner athlete through his positivity, push and passion. "Trust the Process - No Story,  No Glory." Some of his friends call him Lucky. You will count yourself lucky to have met this extraordinary trainer.

Fav playlist: Anything that makes your body want to move.


As a former collegiate rower for USC, Kate's efficient stroke is the envy of the Rho crew.  Her approach to group fitness is inspired by a decades-long career in individualized instruction in higher education. She is all about options and variations during workouts, appealing to every fitness level and ensuring you’ll feel amazing when you walk out of the studio!

Fav playlist: Anything with a strong beat and positive energy (Motown and 80's dance top the list!)


As a Vegas native, Shawna knows fun and brings the party to the Engine Room.  A competitive streak is new for Shawna. She admits to finding it in the Engine Room and and she’ll challenge you to do the same.    


Outside the Rho, Shawna is a stylist and loves making her clients feel GORG!  


Fav play list: Beast Mode.


Becky has always been an athlete with softball, soccer and cheerleading being her passions early in life. Then just a few years ago she discovered group fitness and was hooked. During each of Becky’s high-energy Rho sessions, she’ll give you an optimal whole body workout as she combines her 20 years in professional leadership roles with her personal journey to good health and a pure love of fitness. Take your workout to the next level and get in the groove with Becky.

Fav playlist:  80’s throwbacks.


Nicole values the time commitment you’ve made when you join her at Rho. Being a mom to energetic preteens and a career educator, Nicole understands life is busy. She’ll challenge you to make each minute count with a workout designed to maximize calorie burn hours after you’ve left Rho. Nicole uses her experience as a collegiate cheerleader to build a positive atmosphere where you’ll fall in love with fitness.  

In the end, it's not about how the workout went down.  

It's about who we lifted up.

                                                 {Engine Room ethos}


Steven’s love for high intensity activities comes through loud and clear at Rho Engine Room. His adrenal pumping workouts put an emphasis on personal gains specific to each Rho athlete with a special focus on form and fun.  Away from the Engine Room, Steven is a partner at a regional Financial Firm, ProPartners Wealth and husband to Lauren and father to 3 boys!  

Fav playlist:  311, Pearl Jam, STP = FTW